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Gender Discussion 7/27/07 LOCATION CHANGE [Jul. 23rd, 2007|09:54 pm]
Leather Outlaws


Bad Girls Full Moon Friday Discussion: Gender
Friday, 7/27/07

What are the various gender identifications?

How is gender determined?

Can gender flucuate?

Does gender relate to sexual orientation?

lj-cut>When: 7 to 9 PM

Where: Casey's
610 NW Couch

Who: Self-identified women age 21 and over

There is a suggested donation of

Questions or comments - have a suggestion for a discussion topic? Send
email to

Note: The Full Moon Friday discussion is a tradition with Bad Girls and
falls on the
Friday closest to the full moon of every month. This event does fluctuate
and is not
always on the same Friday.

We hope to see you there!

Bad Girls
503-972-BADD (2233)

Bad Girls is a social and educational group for women interested in BDSM
with other women.